Winter City Hall Elopement in NYC | Meredith & Marc

Meredith and Marc’s impromptu winter city hall elopement in the city took place on a cold November morning the week after Thanksgiving. The city is already especially magical around the holidays. I think this makes it an even sweeter time for a classic NYC city hall wedding. They reached out just before Thanksgiving and wanted to go down to city hall ASAP! They took my next available date and made an marriage appointment.

A Quick Trip to the Courthouse for a City Hall Elopement

Since Meredith and Marc scheduled their appointment for a Wednesday morning, we were in and out of the Clerk’s office. In my experience, Fridays tend to be very busy and that means they can get behind schedule. Often, the wait can be up to an hour when it’s busy. On this particular day, we were in the building for no more than 25 minutes including security, paperwork, and the ceremony.

With so little time taken up in the courthouse, we were able to maximize our portrait time following the ceremony! As a regular city hall wedding photographer, I’m very familiar with all the portrait spots surrounding city hall. However, it’s always nice when I can spend a little more time exploring something new and playing around a bit!

Over to Gramercy Park

Next, we grabbed an Uber over to their favorite pizza stop. As we warmed up and ate our pizza, Marc and Meredith told me the story of when they first said “I love you” to each other. Lunetta was a part of that sweet little story (where they went to eat after they said it). So, it was only fitting that it was included in their wedding day story as well.

We finished off the morning in Gramercy Park, near Marc and Meredith’s home. After a few last portraits the smell of that leftover pizza was calling their name! Marc let us know he had proactively laid out their pajamas before he left the home that morning. The plan was to immediately put them on, cuddle up, and watch movies after their wedding. Sounds like the perfect way to end a city hall elopement morning to me!

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