Austin Courthouse Wedding Guide

Why opt for an Austin courthouse wedding?

A courthouse ceremony can be just as (if not more) special than a “normal” wedding. The two of you (plus me) getting married and doing WHATEVER you want to do. An Austin courthouse wedding does still require a little bit of planning, so I put this guide together to help you know what to expect. You only get married once, after all.

I love being an Austin courthouse wedding photographer because all you truly need to get married is each other. To me, there is nothing more romantic than a sweet and simple Austin elopement amongst downtown Austin. Opting for a courthouse wedding at the Travis County Courthouse can simplify things quite a bit, but there is still some planning to do!

If you’re reading this, you may already know that you’re getting married at The Travis County Courthouse (5501 Airport Boulevard). Now it’s just a matter of making your wedding happen! As an Austin wedding photographer, I love helping couples through the process of getting married at the courthouse. You can contact me here to inquire about my availability for your own Austin courthouse wedding.

I want you to maximize your time with me during your wedding, so I’ve compiled this guide on how to get married at the Austin County Courthouse.

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Why have an Austin Courthouse Wedding?

The architecture alone is reason enough. I’ve seen many a courthouse…and the Travis County Courthouse remains a favorite. If you are planning to have a courthouse wedding, this is the place!

1. Get a Marriage License

First things first, you will need to acquire your license to wed. You can get more information on obtaining your marriage license at the courthouse website.

First, you will need to fill out a marriage license application.

Then, you will need to make an appointment to acquire your license at Travis County Clerk.

2. Make an Appointment for Your Austin Courthouse Wedding

For Austin courthouse weddings, most precincts allow walk ins and do accept appointments EXCEPT precinct one. Precinct once does require appointments. I recommend making this appointment as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on your most ideal time and you know your desired time is secure. For the lighting’s sake, I prefer to get either the earliest ceremony or the latest ceremony possible. This also depends on the time of year as the sunset time changes.

When choosing your ceremony, be in touch with your photographer to decide which time will be the best for photos! Your photographer will understand what time of day to photograph as well as the ins-and-outs of a wedding at Travis County Courthouse. Sometimes we have to take the appointments that are available, but we always want to aim for the appointment at the best time of day in terms of light! Regardless, an experienced wedding photographer should be able to guide you on this.

3. Order Bouquets / Boutonnieres

Every bride needs a bouquet! Your bridal look won’t be your bridal look without it. This is a seemingly small detail that will really elevate your overall look.

4. Hire a Austin Courthouse Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I’m obviously biased, but I believe this moment should be captured by a professional. Even though it is a small wedding, it is still a wedding!

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5. Turn it into a Staycation

After your Austin Courthouse wedding, you may or may not be going on a real honeymoon somewhere tropical or adventurous. You should still make the night before and/or after your wedding special and book a hotel for the experience!

Here are some great options for hotels in the area following your Austin courthouse wedding:

The Joule

The Statler

The Adolphus

The Thompson

5. Book a Fun Car to Drive You Around Following Your Austin Courthouse Wedding

This is such a fun and practical touch to a city hall wedding. Not only does it make for great photo opps, but it is a great way to get to different spots for your session.

A car can be particularly helpful in the event of a summer courthouse wedding so you can get out of the heat every now and then, which brings me to…

6. Consider the Season of Your Austin Courthouse Wedding

I am all about leaning into the weather for you Austin courthouse wedding, but knowing what to expect and how to prepare for each season can be

Summer: Texas summers are HOT, brutally hot. A game plan is always important, but especially when extreme weather is involved. Bring water, plan for breaks, and have a car to escape the AC every now and then.

Fall: To me, this is the most ideal time of year to photograph! The weather is nice and the foliage may be turning later in the fall. That might be why it is my busiest season by far as a Austin wedding photographer!

Winter: Of course, it can be chilly in the winter. Get a nice bridal coat and stuff your pockets with some had warmers. You guys can cuddle up to stay warm!

Spring: Temperature wise, spring is overall great in Austin. While rain can be expected any time of year, it is more likely to rain in the spring. Come prepared with umbrellas!

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Austin Courthouse Wedding FAQs

What should we expect at the ceremony?

Austin courthouse wedding ceremonies are very short and sweet! You will be called into the courtroom by an officer. The judge may ask you a little about yourself and your relationship before jumping right into the ceremony. You will be able to exchange rings. After the judge pronounces you married, they usually allow you to take a few quick photos at the front of the courtroom with your signed marriage certificate as well as any guests in attendance. And that is a wrap!

Can you recommend a Austin florist?

Of course, there are several Austin florists I can recommend for your Austin courthouse wedding.

Can you recommend a Austin HMUA?

Of course, there are several Austin hair and makeup artists I can recommend for your Austin courthouse wedding.


Most couples book about 3 hours of coverage for a courthouse wedding in Austin. This can depend on a few different factors.

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