Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos Guide

As a New York City wedding photographer, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorite locations for engagement photos for so many reasons! I’m not alone in that opinion as it is one of the most photographed locations in the United States. The Brooklyn Bridge is a wonderful setting for NYC engagement photos and wedding photos alike.

How To Get To The Brooklyn Bridge for Your Engagement Photos

Navigating New York City can be tricky, and having your photo taken can sometimes be nerve wracking. Knowing how to enter the bridge the day of your engagement session will help you feel more at ease.

Also, knowing which side of the bridge you prefer to be on can help you maximize your time if there are other nearby locations you would like to visit during your session. You may be surprised at how long it takes to cross the bridge!

Manhattan Side

The Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge is directly across from city hall park on Centre Street.

Brooklyn Side

To access the bridge from the Brooklyn side, I suggest using the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway. The walkway begins at the intersection of Tillary Street and Boerum Place. You can also access the pedestrian walkway via the staircase located in the underpass on Washington Street/Cadman Plaza East and Prospect Street.

What Time of Day Should You Take Your Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos?

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos at Sunrise

Sunrise is the best time of day to take photos on the bridge. Aside from the light being really nice at this time of day, the crowds are far less challenging this early in the day. With the Brooklyn Bridge being such a popular tourist attraction in New York City, early morning is nearly the only time of day you can avoid large crowds of people. Avoiding crowds is ideal because there are less people in your photos. It also just creates a more intimate environment for you to connect with each other and enjoy your Brooklyn Bridge engagement session experience.

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photos at Sunset

If you choose to have your photos made later in the day around sunset, the light will still be gorgeous! However, you will inevitably run into some crowds. Inevitably, this may slow down your shoot a little bit and be less peaceful overall, but it is still worth doing if you can’t make a sunrise session happen.

What To Wear For a Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photo Session

The Brooklyn Bridge is pretty versatile as far as what wardrobe will work stylistically. You can make a lot of things work here – anything from super casual to really formal.

Try to avoid wearing stilettos, as the bridge is made of planks so thin heels will slip through. A block heel is recommended if you do want to wear heels. If you want to wear stilettos, I would recommend wearing a more comfortable shoe and slipping into your heels for a quick photo. This way, you can avoid any potential injury.

Locations Near the Brooklyn Bridge for Photos

Following your Brooklyn Bridge engagement photos, there are several locations in the vicinity that can be a fun addition to the bridge.

The Waterfront in Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you are looking for skyline views of Manhattan, this is just the place for that. There are always people around, but it can be easier to avoid them in the park with there being more space to move about.

Jane’s Carousel

Located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane’s Carousel is a fun stop for along the way. It makes a great backdrop but is also a fun thing to do mid shoot to break things up a little bit!

Manhattan City Hall

If you are having a NYC courthouse wedding, the Brooklyn Bridge is always a convenient stop for photos following the ceremony. The Manhattan entrance is just steps from where the New York City Hall Marriage Bureau is located. The city hall area also has several gorgeous municipal buildings that offer wonderfully regal backdrops for both engagement and wedding photos.

Washington Street View

The view of the Manhattan Bridge from Washington Street in DUMBO is one of the most popular spots for photos worldwide! It is conveniently located in DUMBO just off the Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn side).

Take the Ferry for Views of the Bridge

Lastly, you could hop on a ferry for even better views of the NYC skyline and landmarks!

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