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NYC Proposal Photographer Planning Guide

So you have decided to propose in New York city! How exciting. Every year couples travel from all over the world to get engaged in this iconic city. On the day of your NYC proposal, you will want to be focused on one thing and one thing only – popping the question. Planning ahead and doing your due diligence when hiring a professional NYC proposal photographer will ensure you are able to be present in this exciting moment!

As a wedding photographer, I have the pleasure of photographing many proposals so I can help you pull off the perfect surprise proposal in New York City and capture this unforgettable moment. Executing a surprise proposal in NYC isn’t always easy. Between keeping the surprise and coordinating all the moving parts, having an NYC proposal photographer to help guide you along the way will make things go that much more smoothly. I love helping plan proposals in NYC, as it is one of the most romantic cities to get engaged in after all! So, I’ve created this guide to help you get started planning your NYC proposal.

Overall, my biggest piece of advice is to consider your other half when making any decision about the proposal. If you keep them in mind every step of the way, you really can’t go wrong!

Proposal photographer NYC

Choosing the Location for Your NYC Proposal

Tips from a NYC Proposal Photographer

When searching for where to propose in NYC, a great place to start is my guide for NYC engagement photos. Aside from this list, the tips below can help you begin when making a decision on your NYC proposal location. Overall, choosing a location that resonates with who you are as a couple will be the best route.

1. Choose a Location that is Significant to Your Relationship

Consider locations in New York City that are meaningful for you as a couple. It could be where you first met, had your first date, or share a memory. Proposing at a sentimental location can enhance the overall experience of your NYC proposal.

2. Choose a Location with a Great View

A nice backdrop is something a lot of people aim for when planning an NYC proposal (and a large part of the appeal). NYC has a ton of options for great views!

3. Decide Whether You Want a Public or Private Proposal

How private do you want your proposal to be?. While some people would prefer something more intimate, others enjoy the energy and spectacle of a public setting. Try to make sure that the location you choose is something your partner will be comfortable with.

4. Consider What the Weather Will Be Like During Your NYC Proposal

Keep in mind the time of year and the weather conditions. If you have a preference for outdoor proposals, consider the season and temperature. If you don’t want to brave any extreme weather, renting a private space is always an option.

5. Try to Maintain the Surprise

Consider the element of surprise. Choose a location that your partner may not expect or where they won’t immediately suspect that you are going to propose. It could be a hidden gem or an unexpected spot that adds an element of surprise and delight to the proposal.

6. Make Sure Everything is Logistically Possible

When pulling off a surprise like this, logistics play a huge part. Considering transportation, parking, and any necessary permits or reservations. Some locations require permission for these sorts of events and photoshoots. Doing your research beforehand and anticipating any challenges will make it a stress-free experience.

Are you still stuck on picking a location for your NYC proposal?

As a NYC proposal photographer, you simply cannot go wrong with these unique options for a surprise proposal in NYC:

Walk Through Central Park

New York Proposal Photographer

This is a classic for a reason. With an abundance of great spots, there is hardly a bad angle in Central Park. Plan a romantic walk through the park ending with a pop of the question!

Rent a Private Rooftop

NY Proposal Photographer

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and rent a private area for your proposal in NYC. Your friends and family could join you for a celebration on the rooftop following the event for even more fun!

Charter a Private Yacht

Proposal Photography New York City

What could be more romantic than a private yacht with views of Manhattan? This is a great way to have more of a private NYC proposal. This is also a great option for the after party. You can propose elsewhere and have friends and family waiting on the boat.

Devise a Plan to Get Her There + Keep the Proposal Surprise

First, you’ll want to consider how much of a surprise you want the proposal to be. Do you want her to be completely caught off guard? Do you want to drop her some subtle hints or clues? Is she already onto you and you need to throw her off?

In order to keep the proposal a surprise, you may need to get a little creative. Making sure they are dressed appropriately could be challenging, so they’ll need to think they are going on a date night or somewhere nice. Most girls don’t want to show up to their proposal (and professional photoshoot) in sweats.

Since we’ll be getting photos of the ring following the proposal, she’ll probably also want her nails to be manicured. You may want to employ her friends or mom to help pull this off! It could come off as suspicious if you suggest for her to get her nails done. In my experience, when the guy mentions getting a manicure, this is almost always a dead giveaway that the proposal is coming!

Hire a Proposal Photographer in NYC

Having a photographer there to capture your proposal in NYC is important so that you have lasting memories of your proposal. By hiring a professional, you can focus on the moment and be present yourself without having to focus on getting photos yourself (or worrying about a family member trying to do it). Because this is such an emotional event, many people have the tendency to black out and not remember anything, funnily enough! Regardless, I’ll be there to capture every reaction. The proposal is the beginning of the next chapter of your life, so it should be documented professionally. Another benefit to hiring a pro is that your photographer will usually take portraits of the two of you afterwards so you’ll have cherished photos to hang in your home and even use as save-the-dates.

To have me photograph your proposal, inquire here.

Pro tip: How to Work With Your New York City Proposal Photographer to Pull Off the Surprise

  1. I ask my clients to snap a quick selfie if they will be arriving together. Often times with NYC proposals, we are meeting up for the first time in a public location. With potential crowds, having a visual of what you guys look like and what you’re wearing is SO helpful.
  2. Share your location temporarily! I ask most of my NYC proposal clients to share their location with me via Find My Friends or Google Maps. This is great for me to be able to track you guys in real time without having to be in direct contact with you!

Consider Having a Rehearsal with your Proposal Photographer in New York City

Having a walk-through with your NYC proposal photographer, may not always be possible. Many of my clients in NYC are traveling from out of town and not available to do this beforehand. In this case, you’ll just want to make sure you are overly communicative about what will happen. However, scheduling a rehearsal with your NYC proposal photographer can help you both feel more comfortable with the logistics of how things will play out and ease your nerves on the day of the proposal.

Plan the Party Following Your New York City Proposal

After the proposal, a celebration will be in order. This can be as intimate as a private dinner for the two of you, or as communal as inviting all of your loved ones to join you in celebrating following the engagement. There are plenty of great restaurants in NYC that will rent out a private room for your celebration.

Continue the Surprise

Another element of excitement is surprising your partner with loved ones following the proposal. They will be excited to celebrate with their closest friends and family, of course. This surprise always makes the event all the more special.

Invite the VIPs

If you do plan to throw a party following the engagement, you’ll need to invite all the VIPs in both your lives. Be sure to give them enough of a heads up that they can plan to be there and travel if needed. At the same time, be careful about telling anyone who you think may let the cat out of the bag and accidentally ruin the surprise!

Have a Plan B

Understanding that some things out of your control and things can go unexpectedly is critical when planning a once in a lifetime event like a marriage proposal. Have a backup plan in case things don’t go exactly as planned: bad weather, road closures, too crowded, etc. As a photographer of live events, I assure you things like this happen all the time! Planning ahead will always behoove you.

Frequently Asked Questions I Receive as an NYC Proposal Photographer

How far in advance should I begin planning and booking services?

As soon as possible! I’ve had people book me for proposals as early as 6 months out and as late as 2 weeks out. However, proposal photographers in NYC are often wedding photographers as well, and usually busy on Saturdays. You will have more luck booking a proposal photographer in NYC on any other day of the week.

Will you take photos of us with our family and friends afterwards?

Of course! This is one of my favorite part of proposals – the joining of two families. The celebratory hugs and beaming faces will be something you want to remember forever.

Are you on the hunt for an NYC Proposal Photographer?

I have the pleasure of photographing proposals in New York City all the time, and I’d love to help you pull off the perfect surprise. Get in touch at the bottom of this page to see if I’m available!

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